Order form

Measurement Order Form

Order form
Image: Dr. Nico Ueberschaar

MS order form

As of now, please only use the new template (Analysis Requestpdf, 278 kb · de, please print both pages on one sheet) of the measurement order sheet if you hand in samples to the MS service. Keep in mind that the sample name has to start with the initials of your name. You can fill out the form directly using Adobe Acrobat ReaderExternal link or any other suitable PDF program. Extraordinary expenditure samples or questions have to be scheduled and discussed together with the MS platform staff. With handing over of your sample or the usage of the open access instruments you agree to our MS user rulespdf, 1 mb · de. Therefore, please read them carefully. (We are working on an unofficial English version). If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

User rules

Official user rules are written in German: Nutzerordnung pdf, 1 mb · dewe are currently working on an unofficial translation.

Key points in short notice

  • The MS sample tubes have to be provided with a readable and safe sample label including name and sample name.
  • The order form must be filled completely and has to be signed.
  • Order forms and sample vessels (outside) have to be free from dangerous compounds.
  • Biological samples must be inactivated (protocolized) before they are measured in our labs.
  • Radioactive samples cannot be measured
  • Contact us if you want to measure samples from any commercial parters because some of our instruments are funded and did not allow commercial measurements


  • Members of the IAAC and the IOMC can measure the samples for free
  • Other members of the FSU and the UKJ have to pay a use fee to finance the consumables (see pricing bullet point A for details)
  • External partner have to pay a user fee for full cost calculation (see pricing bullet point A for details)